Laura’s Resume Recipe

Resumes mean business, but find a way to put your unique personality into it! No two people are the same, so amplify what sets you apart by adding in personal interests.

What I Look for in a Resume (and How You Can Make Yours Better)

Do Employers Really Pay Attention To My Resume? This is the question on everyone’s mind when they submit a resume for a positional job offer posted online. The next questions would be: Did I put too much information? Was it too short? Did I check my grammar? Darn, did I put the right phone number […]

Dress to Impress

Tips on Presenting Your Best Self in a Job Interview It is important to always make a great first impression in an interview because the way you dress will be the first thing an interviewer will notice when you arrive. We know and understand that we all go through very hard times, but in most […]

What I Look for in Candidates When Making a Staffing Hire

What You Need to Get Hired at a Staffing Agency No single position is like every position and no individual candidate is like any other candidate. Therefore, it becomes important to understand that the evaluation of an employee is just as important as knowing what type of positions you have to fill. The staffing industry […]

How To Improve Your Next Interview

How To (and How Not To) Nail Your Next Job Interview Have you ever been to a interview and come out feeling like you were missing something or that maybe it could have gone just a little bit better? Or maybe you feel a little under-qualified for a specific position, but would just die for […]

How to Interview at Our Staffing Agency

How To Interview at Your Employment Solutions: Utah’s Best Staffing Agency Interviewing with a staffing agency like Your Employment Solutions isn’t that different from interviewing for a job with any other kind of company, but most people will still have their own opinions. Sure, you might not know what to expect, or what kind of […]

4 Helpful Tips for Job Interviews

Job Interview Coming Up? Here are 4 Basic Tips to Help! Impressing a potential employer is not rocket science. In fact, it can be quite simple if you know how to prepare for a job interview. Below are four easy yet very important tips to consider for a job interview. If you apply these tips, […]

Using Probing Questions in a Job Interview

When Doing a Job Interview Remember to Dig Deep! At Your Employment Solutions we hire for a wide variety of jobs on any given day. Our mission is to deliver the right people, on time, the first time. To fulfill that mission at YES we talk to a lot of job candidates, which means we […]

Interviewing Etiquette: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Whether the overwhelming nerves of a going into a job interview make you sick or if you’re the most confident person when heading into that office – most people have had job interviews they’d like to forget.  Often job seekers forget to assure they have basic etiquette both before, during, and after a job interview, […]

Job Hopping Damages Employment Prospects

We came across this infographic on Pinterest and couldn’t help but share it with all of you!  Some people might already understand this concept, but we happen to see a lot of resumes featuring endless job hopping – and it’s a problem. According to a study released last year by TheLadders a recruiter spends an […]

7 Questions To Re-evaluate Your Job Hunt

Hello readers!  Thanks for stopping by.  We wanted to share a few excerpts from an article we found by Ron Campbell of Utah’s own Standard Examiner (See full article here).  Campbell discusses the idea that the reason many individuals struggle finding a job is because we aren’t asking the right questions or we aren’t going […]

The 3 A’s of Every Interview

In the world of recruiting, first impressions are literally everything.  While this is great for some, many people don’t realize quite the impact of their first impression in an interview and don’t always know how to conduct themselves.  If you’re a prospective employee, how do you know the best way to present yourself?  And, for […]