Kick Off a New Job at YES!

Kick Off the New Football Season With a New Job at YES!

Thank goodness! Football is back!

To celebrate the new season Your Employment Solutions has teamed up with the greatest sports retail and apparel company on the planet to offer an awesome incentive to forklift drivers in our Ogden Utah office.

Free Gear From YES and Pro Image Sports!

forklift job gift card

Here’s the play:

  1. Come in to the YES Ogden office.
  2. Apply for a forklift job.
  3. Get hired.
  4. Work 30 days.
  5. Get a FREE gift card to Pro Image Sports in the Ogden Newgate Mall.
  6. Use the card to get cool stuff.

That’s right! On top of scoring a new job, and all the great benefits that come with that — Your Employment Solutions will award you a gift card so you can score some killer gear from your favorite NFL (or any other sports) team at the Ogden Pro Image Sports.

It’s like scoring a touchdown and getting 12 points!

You’ll be able to choose from authentic jerseys, hats, beanies, blankets, and more. They have it all! You’ll be looking like the real deal!

Got questions? We got answers!

Give YES a call at 801-394-9377 or visit us in person at:

Your Employment Solutions
1150 S. Depot Dr. #150
Ogden UT 84321

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