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Staffing Myth #4: Staffing Agencies Only Fill Temp Jobs

Myths abound regarding the Staffing Industry. In this online world of free-flowing information (full of fact and opinion) that can be said about almost every industry. Your Employment Solutions has been Utah’s best choice for staffing services since 1995. A big part of what makes YES the best in our industry is our commitment to being honest and open in business. This policy is embedded in the organization from the strong examples of YES’s leaders Reed Laws and Kerry Westenskow.

Continuing in that tradition of honesty and transparency, here is the fourth in a series of staffing myths blog posts will meant to clear up any potential staffing myths you might hold. If you’ve ever considered working with a staffing agency, but were unsure about it for any reason, my hope is that these posts clear up any of your doubts.

staffing-myths-jobsDo staffing agencies only hire temporary employees?

Not at all. Staffing agencies hire for a broad range of job types. The length or duration of the job depends on the type. Jobs at staffing agencies can last days, weeks, months, or years. Many companies use employment staffing agencies to help them screen the employees before they make a long-term commitment to hire them permanently.

Is there room for advancement?

Of course. If you do good work, the sky is the limit! Keep in mind the skills you acquire while working with a staffing agency don’t just go away. They will help you long-term whether your goal is to advance within the organization you work for, or to climb the corporate ladder.

So staffing jobs are real jobs with real companies?

Staffing agency jobs are as real as jobs get. You can find work with local, national, and even global organizations via staffing and gain experience at a variety of companies and job opportunities that you otherwise may not have had access to. You can and will work with excellent companies. Over 1/3 of companies use staffing. If you’re confused as to where to go, staffing can be a great way to develop your job skills and discover for yourself what type of work best suits you.

I hope this post helped answer any questions you might have regarding pay in staffing or at least cleared up some of the more common myths.  Other staffing myths posts in this series cover the topics of employee fees, how staffing looks on your resume, staffing pay, and more. If I missed anything you’d like to know about, please leave a comment and let me know!

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