Location: The Number One Rule in Real Estate is Also a Big Rule in Staffing.

You’ve heard it said: Location, location, location.

In the staffing world here at Your Employment Solutions, location is a big deal. We want to know where you are willing to travel for work and what locations will be best for you.

For example: We understand that someone living in South Jordan wants to work as close to home as possible, but you may need to be flexible and willing to travel up to the North Salt Lake area. Not every job opportunity that we hire for is in the South Jordan area, there are a variety of good positions throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

How To Determine Whether a Job is a Good Fit

On the popular career website CareerBuilder, they have a segment that specifically goes over some key factors to help determine whether a job is for you. It is extremely important for YOU as the employee to make sure you understand the job and the job details:

“Carefully reviewing the job requirements, key tasks and responsibilities… Ask yourself these questions: Will you enjoy the day-to-day duties of the position? Will you be challenged? Is the level of responsibility appropriate considering your experience? Are you willing to make any required lifestyle changes (e.g., travel, longer commute) that may affect your quality of life? If the answer to any of these questions is no, accepting the position might not be in your best interest.”

This information is so important and will be extremely important for you to make sure you understand and are prepared for the potential new employment.

Don’t Take a Job With a Bad Location

I am sure we have all been in the same situation at one time or another in our working careers where we accepted a position with a company and either found out the work was too far away, or the job did not pay enough to cover for transportation costs, or there could be a wide variety of reasons why the employment did not work out.

The number one goal of Your Employment Solutions, is to make sure that we send out the right employee to the right job, the first time, every time. If the travel distance is too far, then the job is not for you. The last thing we want to do is move employees around from job site to job site.

When I was looking for work, the distance was always at the front of my mind, making sure I was checking Google Maps to see how far it was and if it would be worth my time.

We Can Help You Find the Right Place to Work

We at Your Employment Solutions are more than happy to check online and see what the distance is for you, to make sure it is something that will work. This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of, I do not know many employers who ask if their job location is something that you work with, we want to make sure you are that right employee that we send out.

Eric Selfridge
Account Manager | Salt Lake Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Eric Selfridge

Eric is an account manager and recruiter at Your Employment Solutions. He specializes in helping people find good jobs in Utah. You can find him at the YES Salt Lake office.

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