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Lessons Learned in My Unexpected Staffing Journey

Have you ever considered working for a staffing agency? I clearly never thought that I would. In fact, before I came across Your Employment Solutions (YES) I wasn’t too aware that a lot of people use staffing agencies to find temp/long term work.

I had applied for work with a company that works with YES and when I came into the YES office in the Valley Fair Mall they happened to have an opening as a receptionist. After hearing more about that position I decided that I would give it a try, not knowing that it would be one of the greatest company that I have worked for. 

Here are a few things I have learned being new to staffing:

Time is money

One of the most common sayings and one of the most accurate sayings. When looking for a job I know that depending on the circumstances you can end up getting frustrated and may not want to take an hour or two to come into a staffing agency fearing that you will end up wasting your time.

Of course you can go to any company and fill an application and hope to hear from them about an interview, but why fill out applications over and over when you can have someone else help by giving you options of work opportunities with your skillset?

You may find that using some time of your day by coming into any of our YES locations, filling out an application and interviewing with a recruiter to get set up for an opening to be one of the best decisions that you have made. We have many great companies that we work with, and great recruiters willing to help; we will try our best to find a match for you. 

Gratitude Comes With the Job

love my job

One of the greatest delights of working with YES is seeing the gratitude that people have towards you after being able to set them up for an opening; especially after they told you about their background/hardships that they have endured.

At my current Salt Lake City office we get many new applicants come looking for work. The process of getting them set up and then later on seeing them grow/get hired on with a company makes the efforts of the applicant and our recruiters worth it. From my experience having an applicant that you helped out come into the office or even call/text saying, “Thank you” makes you realize how important staffing agencies are. 

Enjoying the Work

When you enjoy what you do for work, you come in everyday and you’re ready for what they day has to bring. Working with YES has taught me many things and has also improved my own skillset.

One of the most important things to remember is that there are always ways to do something better. That includes improving the way you approach, handle, and think things over. Working for a staffing agency you will always need to be ready to learn new ways of doing things and to be able to take constructive criticism. I strive to do my best at my job, it definitely has its challenges but knowing that I can have a positive impact on somebody’s life makes me love it more. 

Alicia Feliciano
Account Manager | Salt Lake City, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions


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