Nurturing a Synergistic Relationship

Nurturing a synergistic relationship linking our clients and suppliers needs to our internal staffing operations.

Finding out the needs of our clients can sometimes be a tough task. In the staffing world we interact with them so much that at times we feel we are satisfying all their needs. Every week we deliver payroll and almost each day we have constant communication, be it over the phone or through e-mail.

synergistic relationshipsIn order to link what our clients need with what we do internally, we should to do more than stop by and say hi, send an e-mail or even call. We need to extend a date where we can meet face to face. This means setting up an actual time and sticking to that time with the client. All our clients are busy and have a lot on their plate. We need to keep that in mind and reassure them that if we say we’ll only meet with them for 30 minutes, then that’s what we will do.

In my personal life when I go on dates with my wife, I really try hard to make it as formal as possible. That means leaving the cell phone in my pocket and giving her my undivided attention. It means more and a lot more can come out of the date if we make it more than just a casual get-together. The same goes for casual and formal meetings with our clients. When we make a formal visit with our clients, the main purpose should be finding out their pains and how we can help resolve any issues. It also means that we work together on making any process better.

When we sit down with either the HR manager, operations manager or supervisors, we need to try and clean up any current process and find out where we can help. We also need to be honest and let them know if we are seeing something that they could possibly fix or change. We need to do our best in making it the best possible synergistic relationship we can.

After visiting and making a strategic partnership, we need to get help from our co-workers and come up with solutions to fix any issues that were discussed. It would be helpful to send the client a summary of what was discussed with any given dates that were talked about and any deadlines. The most important part is always following up with the client. We need to make sure that we follow up with them regardless of if we were able to resolve the issue or not. This not only shows that we care but that we paid attention to what was talked about.

Even the small things are important. By doing these things it will always better nurture a better relationship with our clients in staffing.

Brigham Yates
Director of Client Relations
Your Employment Solutions

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