Safe Hiring and Social Distancing During COVID-19

Workplace Safety is a Team Effort

As a valuable service provider to many essential local businesses, Your Employment Solutions is still open, in office, and working hard to provide our clients with valuable employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus here at YES (and throughout Utah), we have implemented measures to help support social distancing and keep our employees and our workplace clean and safe.

It is our responsibility to ensure the workplace is a safe place to visit and we’re actively enforcing these social distancing measures to help protect ourselves, our families, and our guests.

Social Distancing at YES

  • Social distancing notices are posted in each location, advising our guests and employees to keep a 6 foot distance between other people at all times
  • In-office staff members actively encourage 6 foot distances between themselves and guests; enforcing the posted notices
  • Doors are being propped open to eliminate surface touching in high traffic areas and to improve air circulation; unless inclement weather or some other factor does not permit
  • Actively managing the flow of and separating guests and applicants to promote social distancing; implementing a maximum capacity in each area/room
  • Requesting all guests wash their hands before handling any company property such as laptops, skills tests, desks, etc.
  • Regularly cleaning offices, shared spaces, and highly trafficked areas and items such as applicant laptops, furniture, door knobs/handles, phones, desks, etc.
  • Actively encouraging guests to keep any writing utensils they use; sanitizing or discarding if they refuse
  • Conducting as many phone and video conferencing interviews and meetings as possible; reducing overall traffic in offices and creating appointments only for necessary in person items such as drug tests, skills tests, orientations, trainings, etc.
  • Encouraging applicants to apply from home; sending applicant and new hire tasks via email/web portal, reducing office traffic and allowing our inner office laptops to available for use to those who do not have the ability to apply from home
  • Cleaning physical skills tests after each use; temporarily discontinuing smaller skills tests (i.e. dexterity) where cleaning is cumbersome or impossible
  • Communicating with clients via email or phone only, unless otherwise required to be in person
  • Temporarily eliminating tours and group events/orientations as often as possible; implementing maximum capacities and social distancing when required to meet in groups, no more than 10 people allowed in any work-related meeting or orientation

We have a very important responsibility to ourselves, our employees, and our community to help support essential businesses in our area. Essential services such as pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and devices, supply chain management companies, and many other food and product manufacturing facilities are crucial to keeping our country’s economy and communities alive and well. None of these businesses can operate and provide those essential services without essential (and healthy) employees!

If you have any other items you are currently doing to support these efforts, please share! If you have any new ideas that could help us improve in this regard, that would be helpful to share as well!

I am so proud to say I work for YES and to share all that we’ve been trying to do to support these efforts! Be safe out there!

Alison Evans
Human Resources Manager
Your Employment Solutions

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