Staying Organized in the Workplace

Organization is Key to a Successful Workplace

organization in the workplaceHere are some reasons as to why it is important to stay organized.

Organization Saves You Time

When you are organized, you know exactly where everything is and everything has a home. So, you now have the ability to better manage your time. An organized professional will spend less time correcting mistakes, searching for information, and fixing any clutter. More time saved means more time for doing productive things.

Organization Reduces Stress

The more organized you are, the less stressed you are. A well-organized office creates a more relaxed working environment, as opposed to a disorganized office where you are constantly searching for items. When you’re organized, the burden of all that incomplete work, messy working space and long unfinished to do list lessens. You feel positive and productive.

Organization Improves Customer Service

When a customer comes into a disorganized office it makes them feel uneasy and not confident in the service they are receiving. When you are having to search through papers or have a cluttered desk it makes them perceive you as unprofessional. When you are organized, it shows your professionalism and reflects well on the company.

Here are some tips on staying organized:


  • Get enough sleep: the average adult needs 8 to 10 hours of sleep
  • Make an effort to prioritize your tasks
  • Take breaks

organized at workORGANIZE YOUR TIME

  • Start with goals
  • Outline your priorities
  • Time block your day


  • Have everything you need within reach
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Put paperwork in its place
  • Organize your desktop


  • Prioritize
  • Don’t stray from current tasks
    • Make yourself a note if something arises
  • Write out your goals

Organization is key to a successful work place. If you remember to organize your brain, time, workspace, and projects you will become a more productive employee. Organization is not only a tool you can use in the work place, but in everyday life.

Haylee Sorenson
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Staffing Office
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