What Would the World Look Like if Staffing Didn’t Exist?

A World Without Staffing Agencies?

Have you ever hired a person, just for them to quit on you three weeks later because they were offered a better position elsewhere? Have you ever hired someone just to find out they can’t do the job you need them to? If you have worked in human resources, the answer to both of those questions is a frustratingly yes.

Employing the right person is hard work. In today’s economy with many qualified candidates and record low unemployment rates, finding the “perfect” fit for your company can be a difficult task. Lucky for employers, staffing agencies are here to make your job a little easier!

Why is Hiring So Difficult?

When hiring potential employees, there are a lot of pieces that must fit together. Do they have the skills that we need? What does their previous job history look like? How long-term are they wanting? Will they fit in with our company culture? What additional costs are we going to be responsible for besides just their wages? The list goes on and on.

Finding the pieces to fit perfectly together for all of these questions can be exasperating to employers and recruiters. As an employer you will rarely find someone who is “practically perfect in every way.” Every candidate will have their share of strengths and weaknesses.

Even with this understanding, the hiring process is time and cost consuming as is – you want to make it as straight-forward and simple as possible. But what if you make a mistake? The fear of hiring the wrong person is real and is something many recruiters deal with on a daily basis.

How Can a Staffing Agency Help Me?

Staffing services can range from hiring the basic entry-level employee up to top-management and everywhere in between. Not only does the staffing agency take on the recruiting efforts for you, but they also allow you to try the employee out during a probationary period (typically about 90 days) before requiring you to commit to hiring the employee on full-time. At any time during the process if things are not working out you can replace the employee and try another candidate. They can be a key asset in allowing all of the pieces involved in your hiring decision to come together nicely.

While a staffing agency doesn’t provide these services free of charge, using their services can actually save you as an employer some money. You do have to pay their mark-up, but you don’t have the extra fees associated with employees (matching taxes, insurance, unemployment taxes, etc.) or the additional risk involved with new-hires. On top of saving money in the back-end, they definitely save you time – one of your most valuable non-monetary resources. These advantages can help decrease the previous mentioned apprehension of making a bad hiring decision.

It Sounds Like a Staffing Company Can Help the Employer – How Can It Help Me as an Employee?

Staffing agencies are designed to help both the employee and the employer. Finding work can be just as stressful and time consuming as making a hiring decision. Staffing agencies are here to solve that problem too! One application with a staffing agency applies you for hundreds of jobs with different skill sets. Here at YES, we strive to not just find you a job, but find you the right job. Our customized staffing processes allow us to match your skill-sets with potential employers who have requested similar services. We help you during every step of the process and give you all the tools to be successful in your new place of employment.

What Would the World Look Like if Staffing Didn’t Exist?

Don’t get me wrong – finding the right “perfect” candidate for an open job is a hard task regardless of if you have the help of a staffing agency or if you’re tackling it all on your own. Staffing agencies simply provide resources to guide you along the already difficult road. Without them, employees would be spending more time and energy looking for jobs and employers would be spending more time and energy wrapped up in hiring decisions.

Regardless of what side of the spectrum you’re on, you may want to consider turning to a staffing agency to help you in your employment journey.

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