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Being More Than Order Takers in Staffing

Staffing in general often has the notion of supplying bodies to a client or company. It typically involves getting a request from the client for a certain position. The staffing agency then finds a candidate and fills the request with that individual.

In my world of staffing the process is much more complex then simply just filling a request from a client. At Your Employment Solutions we try to provide more of a genuine service to clients and not just perform at the ground level of being a simple order taker.

What is an Order Taker?

Now my definition of an “Order Taker” is someone that gets a request and just fills the job with whomever they feel is qualified. This often results in that aforementioned “just send a warm body” mentality.

But being more than just a order taker in staffing requires much more than that.

A Positive Service Mentality

Being more than an order taker requires the staffing agency to be more committed and personalized with the relationship they have with the client.

It’s bringing more value to a client’s business than just sending a employee.

It’s improving external and internal communication with the various departments, managers and staff.

It’s gaining a client’s respect.

It’s being honest.

It’s developing strong ties within the organization.

It’s learning some of the client’s processes, roles, and job functions for the different departments.

It’s trying to gather and gain and better understanding of all aspects of a client’s business.

Our service mentality of providing value in our relationships is what makes Your Employment Solutions stand out from the other Utah staffing agencies. I try very hard to genuinely help our clients with their business and take pride in being more then just a order taker.

Brigham Yates
Director of Client Relations
Your Employment Solutions

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