Strengthening Client Relationships

Core Values in Client Relationships

business is built on relationships
Relationships come in various different forms. We all have different types of relationships with our significant others, kids, friends and family. In the staffing world we have relationships with our clients. I have always tried to follow core values to better develop my relationship with our clients.


communcationCommunication is a big part of any relationship. It is one of the most vital pieces in building them. Our clients appreciate when we keep them informed and they depend on it. We really try to communicate to them before they get the chance to ask. With everything I’ve done in life, I really try hard putting myself in the shoes of those I have interactions with. This can be tough and sometimes difficult. If we can try and put ourselves in the client’s shoes, then the majority of the time we’ll beat our clients to asking how the progress is going with a given project or task. Everyone likes being updated before having to ask for an update. It tells them that you care and that you’re thinking about them.


honestyAnother core value I’ve always lived by is being honest. YES has always had the saying, “Delivering on time, the first time”. If we are honest with our clients, it will always go a long way. As individuals we find it refreshing to hear when others claim their faults. By declaring we aren’t perfect, it helps us to relate that we are all human and make mistakes. Being honest will always build trust. The more we can help our clients worry less, it will build that necessary trust and respect. Freedom from worry builds trust. If you can be honest and communicate effectively, then it will help strengthen any form of relationship whether it being at home or in the workplace.

Brigham Yates
Director of Client Relations
Your Employment Solutions

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