Most Recent Employment Numbers in Utah

The Utah Department of Work Force Services regularly releases current jobs and unemployment numbers for the state. Watch their most recent video below for a detailed update (released in April) of March’s employment data.

The state of Utah currently has maintained a 3.1% unemployment rate ranking below the 4.5% national average.

We’ve also seen a 3.2% job growth (compared to March of 2016) rate last month compared to the 1.5% national growth rate.

“People looking for work will likely have a good chance of finding work,” says Carrie Mayne, Chief Economist at the Department of Workforce Services. “Employers are adding jobs here in our economy.”

utah employmentHow Utah Employment Numbers Affect Staffing

Irvin Lopez, an account manager at one of our Salt Lake City, Utah staffing offices had this to say about the latest job report:

“With the unemployment rate in Utah being 3.1 percent. The manufacturing industry is creating many jobs. Here at YES our main focus is in that particular industry which makes us a great place to find a job.”

Jordyn Arnold, an account manager at our Logan, Utah office added, “With a job growth rate of 3.2 percent, the state of Utah is a great place to be looking for work. We shouldn’t limit ourselves or our abilities. For people who are unhappy in their current jobs, don’t be afraid to look for new opportunities. With numerous possibilities, now is the time to find something that you are happy doing. YES is here to help with that transition. We enjoy being able to offer a wide range of positions with varying skill-sets, leaving an option for everyone. ”

Thanks for the input Irvin and Jordyn!

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