Staffing Perfected Isn’t About Being Perfect

perfecting utah staffingMy daughter recently received her learners driving permit and like every other 15-year-old teenager, has an entire year to complete the required hours of practice before claiming the ultimate teenage reward: A legal, freshly minted, see you later mom and dad, driver’s license. Let me articulate what has and will continue to happen before that almighty, glamour shot, invincible day happens.

First, it was a slow drive around the neighborhood teaching the importance of being a safe, defensive driver. Sure, she put the left blinker on when she was turning right, or the windshield wipers turned on when she was looking for park, which is why we started on a slow neighborhood drive. The damage of a mistake would be small.

On our next outing, we raised the bar a bit, and my heart rate raised with it. It was our first outing out of the neighborhood. As she increased the speeds to 35 miles per hour, few minor mistakes were made; shifting from one lane to another or stopping in the middle of the intersection during a green light.

Braving the inevitable we ventured to the freeway, our speed was now approaching 65 MPH. I had some confidence in her driving but deep down I was terrified and may or may not have peed a little when merging into traffic.

As evidenced by the fact that this article was written, we did make it home safely.

Perfecting Staffing Is a Daily Practice

Staffing perfected is analogous to my daughters driving story less the terror. With time and practice you become better, more confident and closer to perfection. Much like my daughter, practice makes you more effective but doesn’t guarantee that an “accident” won’t occur.

A staffing agency can perfectly follow processes and protocols and still have an undesired outcome. Some examples might be, on-boarding an employee that doesn’t show or a client forgetting to inform the staffing agency of a myriad of possible changes.

A Perfect Staffing Company

Staffing Perfected isn’t about being perfect or expecting the outcome to be perfect, it’s about perfecting what’s given to you and then doing it again tomorrow.

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