Utah Job Numbers | March 2017

The Latest Employment Numbers in Utah

Every month the Utah Department of Work Force Services releases current jobs and unemployment numbers for the state. Watch their most recent video below for a detailed update (released in March) of January’s employment data.

The state of Utah currently has a 3.1% unemployment rate which is well below the 4.8% national average.

We’ve also seen a 3.0% job growth rate last month compared to the 1.6% national growth rate.

“We have robust economic activity,” says Carrie Mayne, Chief Economist at the Department of Workforce Services. “The labor market is really churning.”

utah employmentHow Do Utah Employment Numbers Affect the Staffing Industry?

Denae Paspuel, out of our Logan, Utah staffing office simply had this to say about the latest job report. Work is available. Are you?”

Logan Laws, the branch manager at our North Salt Lake office, added, “This is a market that is almost completely in favor of the employees and the lead economist echoes that when she said that now is the time to go for a higher paying job or that promotion you have been wanting. Demand for solid workers is through the roof and people are starting to pay towards their desperation.”

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