World’s Toughest Job!

We Pay Gratitude and Respect!

On this very special day, we at Your Employment Solutions want to take a moment and say THANK YOU to the billions of workers on this Earth who happen to hold the World’s Toughest Job!

If you don’t know what job the world’s toughest jobs is (though our expression of gratitude should have been the second major tip of this post), you MUST take a moment and watch the following interviews on the video below. The pay-off at the end of the video is worthwhile.

World’s Toughest Job Interview

Did you watch the video? Was I wrong about the pay-off?

No! I was not!

There are a lot of tough jobs out there. Mike Rowe has proved that time and again. But let’s be honest, being a parent… and speaking as a father I believe I can say that in my opinion specifically being a mother is the world’s toughest job to do (and do well).

So to all the mothers out there, on behalf of all my coworkers at Your Employment Solutions, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Thank you for the long hours, for the sleepless nights, for putting up with the ingratitude, for the meals (even the gross ones – haha), for the life lessons taught, for the concern about everything, for the many, many sacrifices, and above all else – for the love you’ve shown us every day of our lives.

We love you all. Happy Mother’s Day!

world's toughest job

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