Why Your Employment Solutions is in Business

What’s the Why Behind Who Your Employment Solution is?

Your Employment Solutions is Utah’s leading employment and staffing agency. As such, we have been helping jobseekers find good jobs in Utah since 1995. The objective of Your Employment Solutions, or YES as we are nicknamed, is hiring the right person, on time, the first time.

And by following this objective, our clients are able to get the quality employees that they’re hoping for and that they require to reduce their turnover costs and effectively operate their businesses.

Why Your Employment Solutions is different than other employment companies in the staffing industry (and in Utah) is due to a variety of different factors. YES is the only certified staffing agency of its kind. The processes that YES uses to qualify applicants are highly specific and effective. Truly, better than any other staffing company in Utah, Your Employment Solutions understands the important details of WHAT we do, as well as the logistics of HOW.

But really, where the true magic happens with YES is in WHY.

Why is Your Employment Solutions in business?

Your Employment Solutions is in business to make work happen.

We believe in work. We believe in industry. We believe in productivity. We believe a productive life is a meaningful life is a happy life.

And along with that philosophy, Your Employment Solutions has the ability to implement it, or put it into action. It’s not a question of can we try… YES knows that it is an absolute necessary step to perfectly matchmake the employee and the employer to help the client. Who is the client? Jobseekers and job givers. If we don’t serve them both… If we don’t make work happen, then we are not fulfilling our mission as a company.

We don’t see it as a matter of just putting people in jobs. We are about putting good workers in the right job.

your employment solutions

Reed Laws, the President and CEO of Your Employment Solutions puts it like this, “In our market today the only thing consistent is change. And you have to be able to adapt to that change, make adjustments, be nimble, otherwise you’re going to be left out to dry.”

How can Your Employment Solutions Help Your Business?

We would love to meet with you and show you how working with Your Employment Solutions can save you time and stress.

We want to send the right person on time to you the first time. Working with YES can basically help you eliminate the lottery work often involved in hiring new employees. Your Employment Solutions has saved a lot of headaches for our clients by consistently sending the right person to a job.

Another motto is its the people we don’t send that make our clients successful. YES achieves this by doing an excellent job in the screening process. Just because a person shows up to our office and applies doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for an open job that we have.

Warm bodies are not a good fit for our clients. We strive for excellence. We only work with clients who have similar goals. As such, we understand that they need people that have the skills and abilities for what they’re looking for.

Your Employment Solutions biggest passion is giving back. On a local level, on an international level. From making work happen to hiring the right person the first time, YES is all about taking care of others.

Cheers to Making Work Happen!
Eric Nelson
Marketing Manager
Your Employment Solutions

“I help connect Utah jobseekers to Utah jobs.”


P.S. Be sure to visit our Utah job board!

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