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Your Employment Solution’s Mission

The mission statement of Your Employment Solutions is to deliver the right people, on time, the first time.

Our business is the business of people. Day in and day out we work with people to find people and employ people. It has been said that a business is only as good as its product and a product is only as good as the people behind it. Well, our product is people. Therefore, Your Employment Solutions is only as good as its people, and the people behind those people (which is us).

So, How Do We Fulfill the YES Mission?

There are many steps involved in the process of making sure we achieve the YES mission of delivering the right people. Every single one of those steps is important. If we skip a step here or there, we run the risk of failing in our mission, and, as a result, losing the respect of our clients and ultimately their business.

We want to deliver the right people. Our mission statement isn’t just to deliver people, it is to deliver the right people.

Quality people.

How Does YES Deliver the Right People?

The very first step in the process of delivering the right people is basic (or obvious), but it’s what gets everything moving. Before Your Employment Solutions can hire anyone, we have to receive a client’s job order. When our clients contact us with a job order or need, it is our duty (not their’s) to make sure we communicate clearly with them to get as much detail as possible in terms of what they need.

Whether or not we properly receive an order affects the outcome of multiple events in the employment process. If we don’t have the right information for a job we will ask the wrong questions to a jobseeker in an interview or give wrong information about the job in a posting and attract the wrong kind of applicant. If that happens the employee will go in with the wrong skill set or expectations, end up underperforming, quitting, or getting fired. If that happens we damage our reputation on all fronts. Our client will cancel the order, or reject our employees, and look elsewhere for an employment agency.

Worse, the new employees we hire will not want to work with us long-term and we won’t be able to attract the people we need.

One of our recruiting leads recently had some issues with delivering the right people to his client. This is what he says about how he resolved those issues,

“I think one of the things that has helped our team recently with our turnover issues could also help us while qualifying specific candidates. With one of our clients we had a meeting with them about having an open line of communication. Meaning they are committed to helping us find the right candidate by giving us things that they have been missing with previous candidates or much more specific requirements for each position.”

“I think the more specific clients are with us in what they are looking for, the more specific we can be with our candidates for jobs. That line of communication has proven to be very useful and beneficial. Complete information about a specific position can help tremendously.”


How to Take a Job Order

Here are four important points to consider when taking a job order. Answering these questions will allow us to be more specific in the recruiting process and allow us to always fulfill our mission.

  1. What opportunity does the job provide? What’s special about it?
  2. What personal attributes or qualities will a successful job candidate possess?
  3. What are the duties of the job?
  4. What are the requirements to be considered for the job?


Go through every job or job order you are responsible for recruiting to and ask yourself the above four questions about the position. Can you answer these questions? Are there areas where you’re unclear?

If you can’t answer the questions completely, take the initiative to reach out to the client and get those answers. Remember, it is 100% our duty to communicate effectively. When a new job order comes in, make sure you know these details before you input the order into the system.

At Your Employment Solutions we can only deliver the right people, on time, the first time once we have taken the time to communicate with those we serve and make sure we understand exactly what type of people they need to support their business.

Cheers to Jobs in Utah!
Eric Nelson
Marketing Manager
Your Employment Solutions

“I help connect Utah jobseekers to Utah jobs.”


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