How Much Money Can I Make Working at a Staffing Agency?

What Kind of Paycheck Can You Expect Via Staffing?

There are a lot of important factors to consider when choosing a job or career.

  • Will you actually enjoy the work you do?
  • Will you fit into the company culture?
  • Is the location agreeable?
  • Is there sufficient opportunity for for career growth?

moneyHowever, the biggest factor for many people, especially in the world of entry-level employment, is the wage.

  • How much money can you make?

Well, the answer to this question is not-so-simple and it almost always depends on multiple factors including the job’s location, the skills required to work the job, and sometimes the experience of the candidate.

Here at Your Employment Solutions we hire for a wide variety of Utah jobs and careers, and the wage varies just as widely.

Entry-Level Pay Range

Most of our entry-level jobs in production will pay anywhere between eight to thirteen dollars an hour. What makes up for the five dollar an hour differential? Lots of factors. Some jobs are easier than others, and require less technical or people skills. They will pay on the lower end of the scale.

Some jobs might need people with forklift skills, or computer and machine operation skills – they might pay towards the upper end of the scale. Another factor that sometimes affects the pay rate in production work is the time of the shift. Generally, a less desirable night shift will pay a little more per hour than a day shift. So if you’re willing to lose a little sleep, you can make a little more cash.

Mid-Level Staffing

Some of our mid-level jobs pay between fifteen and twenty an hour. These are jobs that almost always require people with a little more experience. CDL drivers for example, or mid-level managers. You can generally expect to earn money in this category if you have earned some type of license, certificate, or degree.

Upper-Level Wages

At Your Employment Solutions we also hire for jobs that pay well over twenty dollars an hour. To qualify for these types of employment opportunities, multiple years of specialized experience and education is always a key factor.

How Much Money Can YOU Make Working at a Staffing Agency?

That depends.

  • What quality of work are you capable of?
  • What type of experience do you have?
  • What is your skill set?
  • Your educational background?

The wage a staffing agency pays their employees is almost always decided by the client or business they’re hiring for. The pay rates are designed to be as competitive and as fair as possible for the type of work involved.

But, simply put… the amount of money you can make working at a staffing agency depends on you.

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